About Sophie

I began painting when I was three years old; no matter where I was or what I did throughout my life, there has always been one constant - painting.

I love the process and the purity of creating without limits; the unknown becomes known, and the obvious appears in a different light. 

Born in Switzerland and raised in Latin America, I have travelled extensively, always honing my skill as an artist and developing my unique intuitive interpretation of the world. 

I worked in Dubai and Switzerland for more than a decade before I decided, in 2021, to leave the corporate world and dedicate my time and energy to growing my collection, bringing colour to other people’s lives through my paintings. 

It is only in 2023, when I decide to take my creative work a step further and fulfil one of my dreams, writing and publishing my own book. "...And Why Not?"  a book that combines my art and where I share my experience and key learnings on what it took me to move away from a perfectly traced career to a more fulfilling path.

I invite you to explore my most recent work, and travel with me through infinite time, powerful emotion and bright colour.

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